Wednesday, November 21, 2012


I love reading blogs... and a lot of bloggers are writing their thankful lists in honor of Thanksgiving tomorrow.  I thought I would get on the band wagon.  Besides, I love lists and this is a great list to create!  (I'll try to keep my list to a short 25.)

I am thankful....

  1. for Family, Faith, Friends, Food, Shelter, etc. (O.K. - this is a list in and of itself but I wanted to get the obvious stuff out of the way.)
  2. my daughters love Donny Osmond as much as I do.
  3. for seminary because it is the perfect time for me to read my own scriptures while waiting for my kids.
  4. that Josh Hutcherson plays the role of Peeta in the Hunger Games instead of Justin Bieber or another teen-age heart throb.
  5. my parents are able to be a part of my life and my family's life even though they live many miles away.
  6. my sweet husband doesn't tell me how crazy I am - too often.
  7. I have learned to like DeGooyer stuffing.
  8. for a husband who just smiles when I start playing Christmas music in August.
  9. Key Lime Pie plays such beautiful music now (beginning violin was painful!)
  10. Kotten Kandy likes to clean and does so without being asked most of the time.
  11. that my daughters have absolutely no interest in the Twilight movies and books.  Edward Cullins is way over-rated.
  12. that I can walk five miles easily - and feel healthy.  (AND I still enjoy the occasionally piece of Dove chocolate!)  :-)
  13. Stephen Schwartz wrote such wonderful music!  I wish he'd write another musical soon.
  14. for our multiple DVD player.  It makes watching movies and keeping them scratch free so much easier.
  15. that Speedway has coke icees and just opened a store less than a mile from my house!  :-)
  16. that my daughters are learning the scripture mastery scriptures (I just wish the rock and roll CD would be a Broadway version of the scripture masteries instead.)
  17. Karmel and Kamelot don't make messes in the house anymore.
  18. that my family enjoys playing games together.
  19. my husband loves me more than the JETS.  (Although I'm sure that football is a close second.)
  20. that nobody mistakes me for Lady Gaga.
  21. my family loves laughing and writing to each other on face book.
  22. K2 can do the laundry from start to finish now...  Believe me, I use them!  :-)
  23. for toilets that flush.
  24. that Totinos developed pizza rolls.  Genius!
  25. I can read the Harry Potter series over and over and over again!
   26.  I really am grateful for the gospel in my life and my eternal family!  They make my life worth while!



  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you all! Wish you could come make a visit this way! Hope your day is filled with love, gratitude and lots of yummy food :) Love from the Caswell's!!

  2. What can I say?! That I have a sweet, faithful, loving, creative, fun, diversified, unusual, beautiful, talented, fit, healthy, giving, and spiritual daughter? And even that doesn't say it all... MOM