Friday, December 14, 2012


This year we had an ugly sweater party for our ward Christmas party.  It was really fun!  We had lots of good food, some fun entertainment (by some of my music students!), and lots of humorous outfits!  I had a great time making our Christmas sweatshirts.  We got some great comments!

 Even the missionaries got in on the fun!  :-)
 Our GREAT friends, the Melansons!
 Roxy, Emily, and Lori - Our YW Presidency ROCKS!  - Dig the sweaters!
 Homemade sweatshirts by the Bakers...  I love the yo-yos on Mariah's outfit!
 I LOVE the Fisher family!  Their daughters are a delight in Primary and Nursery!
 Mary Nelson is my AWESOME Visiting Teacher - and she MADE her husband's sweater!  What talent!
My best friends, the Bettenhausens!
So... see?  We aren't the only family who dressed up for the party!  We had fun being nuts!

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  1. Christmas Packages!!! I want four for Christmas - SSKK, and I just might get them. Cross your 'weather' fingers...
    Love, Mil