Monday, December 10, 2012


This weekend was SUPER fun!  My LITTLE brother, Ben, came to visit with two of his six kids - I'll call them Angel Food Cake and Taco!  :-)

Friday we spent most of the day over at the Bettenhausen's house.  Taco and Nuts became fast friends.  And Marmalade and Angel Food Cake also enjoyed playing together.  We painted porcelain animals and had a fun time together.

Friday night we went to the nativities display at the stake center.  It was beautiful, and fun.  Key Lime Pie and Kotten Kandy entertained the kids for a few hours while Scott and I greeted people who came to the open house.  Angel Food and Taco dressed as shepherds and angels in the children's area.  They also colored their very own nativity display.  I also volunteered to set up my nativities next year.  They are going to give me my own room to decorate and display.  :-)

The kids also performed at the nativity display.  It was fun.  Kotten Kandy (with help from Angle Food and Taco) sang one verse of each Christmas hymn and then Key Lime Pie would play the second verse on her violin.  It was neat to do our impromptu performance.  (We hadn't practiced before hand.....)

Saturday was a quieter day.  We went out to lunch with Ben.  The kids watched some movies, while the adults (including Key Lime Pie and Kotten Kandy) played Agricola and Le Havre.  (Yes, it is possible to play too many strategy games... we were all brain dead after three games!)  We also had great conversations and enjoyed spending time together.

We were all sad to see Ben and his kids leave on Sunday morning.  We had a blast together!  Scott said that he wished we could live close the their family because he really enjoys hanging out with them.  I agree.  The Idaho McCallisters are AWESOME!


  1. I will not argue with a single thing in this post. Fun was definitely had by all. My kids really look up to their cousins in Kentucky. Kotten and Key Lime were so good to them. They will make great mothers one day!

    I am a little peeved at Scott right now. I scored over 300 point in Fantasy Football (That is a really good score!) and I am still going to lose to him. I have the second best score in the entire league and will lose the game after the Texans play tonight. What a bunch of hooey!

  2. Putting ID and KY together is probably a bit unique. But it looks/sounds like they all had a great time!

  3. Is just one room going to be enough for all your nativities. It will hard if you have to choose just the best ones. ;-)