Wednesday, December 12, 2012


The other day I was asked why we chose to homeschool our kids.  So, Key Lime Pie, Kotten Kandy and I decided to answer the question publicly (aka. my blog).  Here are the reasons we came up with in 15 minutes - in the form of a list.  (I have an affinity for lists!)

  • We homeschool because we can focus more on our spiritual education as well as values.
  • We homeschool because relationships within our home have grown stronger.  Our family has become closer and as Kotten Kandy says, "Family is better than friends!"
  • We have made better friends through homeschooling.  We have found that friendship shouldn't be "forced" by class, grade or age like they do in public school.  The friends we have made through homeschooling have been true friends.
  • We pray in school and we say the "Pledge of Allegiance."  Take that, public school!
  • We love how homeschooling takes less time than public schooling.  My daughters have more free time for fun.  They usually use their free time to read, do their personal progress, play, craft or create art, etc.
  • The freedom from a set school schedule is also a benefit.  We can "do" school in the morning or in the evening.  We can "do" school on the weekends or during the summer if we want.  It's nice to take spring break when we WANT to take spring break.
  • In public school you are limited in your studies to what they offer - not in homeschooling.  There are more school subjects because the sky is the limit!
  • We homeschool because we do not like bureaucracy or politics!  Enough said.
  • There are more field trips and more field trip choices!  YAHOO!  We love field trips!
  • We love homeschooling because there are no lectures or busy work.
  • Key Lime Pie said that one of her favorite reasons to homeschool is the fact that there is no foul language, bad behavior, drugs or immodest clothing at our school!  :-)
  • Both daughters love the personal responsibility and the independence that homeschooling fosters.
  • One funny benefit?  No head lice epidemic!  :-)
  • And finally, we believe that public schools are failing!  (I know we are not the only people who believe that.)
So those are a few of the reasons we have chosen to homeschool our daughters.  They love it!  We love it!  Will we ever go back to public school?  Heck no!  This is what we feel is right for our family!  Hope this short list helps others who are also on the fence about homeschooling benefits!

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  1. I think this particular blog is one of your best. I want to copy down your 'why' list. The next time I go to the Appleton luncheon for retirees, I can tell them the reasons. AND they are good ones!
    :) Mil