Saturday, February 16, 2013


Since it was Valentine's Day this week, I thought I'd share some of the things I love right now.  :-)
Scott - He's an amazing husband!  He is thoughtful, romantic, funny, and spiritual.  He's the complete package.  I may have married the only perfect man left in the world!  :-)
My Daughters - They are growing into BEAUTIFUL young women.  They are not only pretty on the outside, but they are gorgeous on the inside!  They love the gospel.  They strive to do what's right.  And I am truly blessed with my posterity!
Coke Icees - I LOVE them!
Once Upon a Time - This is the only tv show we watch (thanks to Chris who allows us to come over to his house every Sunday night at 8:00 p.m. to watch our guilty pleasure!)  We enjoy the fairy tales and the writers' creativity in making them all fit together.
The Nashville Tribute to the Prophet, Joseph Smith - I've owned this CD since 2006, but my daughters and I listen to it almost every Sunday.  It is so inspiring!
Coloring - Sometimes coloring a picture just makes me happy.  Key Lime Pie, Kotten Kandy and I colored the YW values today.  It was a great activity.  And now we have cute notebooks to take notes in for our YW classes.
Paintings of My Savior - I think Simon Dewey's depictions of Christ are my favorite!  But I love Greg Olsen too!  :-)


  1. And you didn't mentions me??? What's up with that? :)

  2. Not a lot to add - except maybe body pillows...
    Guess who!