Friday, February 15, 2013


We had such a fun and wonderful Valentine's Day.  I have the best Valentines ever:  Scott, Key Lime Pie and Kotten Kandy!

We always try to do a little something for the girls on V-Day to let them know how much we love and appreciate them.  This year we got them a strategy game to play as a family!  Can't wait to play it tonight!

Scott gave me "Love Shots" filled with Skittles and reasons why he loves me.  I'm supposed to take a bottle every time I need some love.  This morning's note said he loved how I was a good friend to everyone!  :-)

I decided to be a bit more practical this year - so I got Scott seeds for the garden.  I gave him a seed packet everyday for 14 days!  :-)  I enjoyed being creative with my silly puns.

In case you can't read my puns, and want to know what I wrote (some of the seeds were really hard, like broccoli and tomato, so I had to be kinda creative):

Lettuce (Romaine):  LEAF it to you to steal my heart, Valentine!
Chives:  Let's CHIVE to our own music, Valentine!
Cilantro:  You SPICE up my life, Valentine!
Onion:  Don't make me cry, be my Valentine!
Carrot:  If you CARROT all, you'll be my Valentine!
Corn:  It may sound CORNY but I hope you'll be my one and only Valentine!
Watermelon:  Don't be MELONcholy, I'd love for you to be my Valentine!
Cantaloupe:  CANTALOUPE, we are already married... but I'd marry you again, Valentine!
Pumpkin:  Hey, PUMPKIN, will you be my Valentine?
Cucumber:  Let's make a DILL:  you be my Valentine and I'll be yours!
Lettuce (Iceberg):  LETTUCE be Valentines!
Radish:  I want to RADISH you, Valentine!
Tomato:  I love your TOMATO butt, Valentine!  (In reference to a story by Garrison Keillor)
Broccoli:  Broccoli says, "I look like a tree."  Walnuts say, "We look like brains."  A mushroom says, "I look like an umbrella."  A banana says, "Dude!  Change the topic..."  I love you, Valentine!

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