Sunday, May 5, 2013


I have decided to start a "series".  On some blogs I follow they have certain days of the week where they write about established themes, etc.  So on Sundays I am going to write seven random thoughts I've had throughout the week.  Why seven?  Because I love alliteration and Scott said seven sounded better than six! So here is my first edition of my "Sundy's Seven Sabbath Sentiments"!
This week we did Spring Cleaning!  We only finished two rooms: the kitchen and the living room/hallways.  It looks and feels great!  My daughters worked alongside me and we accomplished a lot!  There is nothing better than deep cleaning with your favorite girls.  OK, maybe there is something better like eating ice-cream with your daughters or singing and making music with them.  But it feels great to have a clean living space.
This week we finally watched "The Mentalist" for the first time.  My whole family enjoys it!  Friday night we stayed awake until 2 A.M. watching the show.  Patrick Jane is a fantastic character.  He is obviously brilliant and can spot minute details.  I also enjoy how he plays mind games with people and sets elaborate traps to catch bad guys.  It's fun.  I'm glad my friend, Amy B., recommended it.
We had stake conference this weekend.  It was awesome!  Last night we had the adult session.  Both K2 were babysitting so others in our ward could attend.  Scott and I went with the Bettenhausens and Chris.  I loved the topics.  Everyone seemed to speak about "Being of Good Cheer!" and "Standing in Holy Places!"  I love being spiritually uplifted by our local leaders.
This weekend was the Kentucky Derby.  It is a BIG thing here in KY.  We celebrate by eating Derby Pie, drinking Mint Julips (virgin style) and hanging out with our friends, the Fieldings.  I made my first Derby Pie this year.  YUM!  I've never made it before (usually we just buy it) but I like it better homemade.  It turned out great.  And it didn't last very long.  The recipe is really easy.  (If you want a copy of the recipe, let me know!)
The Fieldings are good people!  We really love them.  Bishop Fielding was recently released as the bishop.  He was a FANTASTIC bishop.  And we really love and appreciate him.  His wife is AMAZING!  She is one of the most selfLESS people I know.  She gives and gives and is an example of true charity.  She is also my daughters' seminary teacher.  They really love her!
I'm writing about the Fieldings, because not only did we celebrate the Derby with them... but we also got to go swimming on Friday at their home.  The girls had soooo much fun with their daughters.  And it was the first swim of the summer.  Welcome warmer days! -- Of course, right now it is overcast and rainy.  :-(
I LOVE pizza rolls.  Since my daughters and I are doing Weight Watchers again, I've found out that a pizza roll is only one point.  So they are filling, and have protein, and they are EASY.  I can eat them for lunch and dinner.  I just like them...
I'm going to go eat some pizza rolls right now.  I hope everyone has had a superb Sabbath!


  1. The Derby Pie was so delicious. I look forward to eating Pizza Rolls when we get old :o)

  2. I enjoyed reading this! I'll look forward to reading every Sunday:)

    p.s. I'd love the recipe!

  3. Seven, Sabbath Sentiments...
    I like the happy old sun!
    Want to be part of my cleaning crew? It's always fun with more than one. :)
    The Mentalist - TV?
    Your Stake Co9nference was close to General Conference. Glad the girls got to babysit for the evening session...
    Food? I'd rather think about something else for the moment. Like the swim party sounded fun!
    Love Ya, Mom/Mil