Sunday, May 12, 2013


Yesterday we determined, as a family, that DeGooyer Day is in our top three favorite holidays (along with Christmas Eve and General Conference).  DeGooyer Day is a day we celebrate being a family... being DeGooyers!  :-)  The traditions for this holiday are:  matching shirts designed by Scott, fun ALL day long, and no work at all during the day.  We have celebrated this day in the past by participating in fun activities, watching movies, eating out, playing games, etc.
Scott designed the shirts!  Aren't they terrific?
Key Lime Pie
Kotten Kandy
This isn't a spider... it's a cricket.  UGLY!  But amazing!
So our 10th DeGooyer Day we celebrated by going to Mammoth Caves.  We took a two hour tour and had a great time exploring and seeing the wonders of the earth 250 feet under the earth's surface.  The Mammoth Caves are extensive.  We only saw a mile of the caves but the length of the entire cave system is more like 400 miles.  More than once during the excursion we all admitted that God was truly amazing in his creations! After the caves, we went out to eat at Texas Roadhouse and then went home to play games (Stoneage) and watch the Mentalist.
After the cave trip, the girl's conked out on the drive home.  We were ALL tired.
It was a WONDERFUL day!  We had such a fun time together and really do enjoy being a family!  I kept counting my blessings - and they equaled Scott, Key Lime Pie and Kotten Kandy!


  1. DeGooyer Day Is the best! I love being a DeGooyer and enjoying my wonderful family. What a great tradition! Love, The Papa

  2. DeGooyer Day! Were the emblems on your shirts the "Cave" insignia? It sounds like the day was a really good one. I wish you many more on channel four and Big Bird too on channel two!!!