Sunday, May 19, 2013


My studio's Music Recital was this past Thursday.  It was wonderful!  All the kids did a fabulous job.  I am proud of all of them.  I have 17 students and teach 20 lessons a week.  (Some of my students take piano AND voice lessons.)  They are a good looking bunch, as well as a talented one.  And I love EACH and EVERYONE of them!!!!

My daughters are also among my students.  Some people say that you shouldn't teach your own children music, but my girls seem to do well with me.  Key Lime Pie takes voice lessons from me (and violin lessons from Mrs. McGillin) while Kotten Kandy takes voice and piano lessons from me.  They are among some of my most talented students.  Both of them have beautiful soprano voices.  Key Lime Pie's voice is very lyrical and always on pitch.  She has a great ear.  Kotten Kandy has great stage presence and is a joy to watch.  Her soprano voice is strong and sure.  I LOVE my daughters!

K2 rescued a bird on Friday from being eaten or killed by cats/dogs.  This baby robin fell out of a nest and wasn't QUITE ready to fly.  The girls picked it up and took it to a safe spot without predators to let it go free.  They named the baby bird Kahn.  We only had the bird for about 2 or 3 hours and then we let him go. Kahn was instantly adopted by another family of robins and there were no enemies in sight.  It was a fun few hours.
We just listened to Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card again.  We are all excited about the upcoming movie in November.  Ender's Game is definitely one of our most favorite books.  We learn so much from it every time we read it or listen to it.
This time I was reading A Thomas Jefferson Education by Oliver DeMille at the same time we were listening to Ender's Game.  It was fascinating to me to think about Ender's education.  Whether O.S. Card knew it or not, Ender definitely received a Thomas Jefferson Education.  A TJEd (Thomas Jefferson Education) basically requires three things:  1.  The student is responsible for his/her own education.  2.  The student learns from good mentors who guide the learning.  and 3.  The student uses classics as the main 'curriculum.' Ender needed a strong education to beat the buggers, so he took responsibility of it.  He got good mentors who challenged him and "taught" him only when he needed teaching.  Mostly he taught himself.  And he used classic literature and studied classic battles to learn his craft.  It's fascinating how close to TJEd Ender's education was.  :-)
I definitely recommend both books.

Saturday we had a baby shower at our home for a friend who is having a baby girl in less than a month.  At the shower we played the game where we had to guess how wide around the middle the mother-to-be is by cutting string to match.  After the game there was a lot of yarn lying around.  Another friend and I began playing cat's cradle games with the yarn.  Some of the young women (including my two daughters) watched and wanted to learn.  I realized I had never taught my daughters this fun pass time.  Key Lime Pie picked up the skill extremely quickly.  It was fun to dust off my knowledge from 30 years ago.
I taught YW today.  I loved the lesson.  I was teaching about the importance of studying our scriptures.  Here's the six tips I gave my laurels that can help them in their personal scripture study:
1.  Pick the time of day that you are the most alert and have the most to give.  Study then.
2.  Pick a place where you can be focused on the scriptures.  Study there.
3.  Pray before you study.
4.  Try different ways to mark your scriptures.
5.  Write down what you learn as you study.  (I love my scripture journal that I have been keeping for over a year.  I learned the idea from
6.  Take your time.
I learned a lot from my own study of this topic.  I'm so glad I get to teach the young women.
My daughters and husband spoke in the Singles Branch today.  Scott was the high council speaker while our girls were his companion speakers.  They spoke about eternal families and had fun studying the subject together.  They are amazing!  And did a GREAT job!  I wasn't able to attend because I had to teach my YW class... but I helped them edit their talks and they were fantastic.  I'm sure proud of my family!
It's spring!  And I LOVE flowers!  Here are a few shots from my front yard!  They just make me happy!  Have a wonderful sabbath!


  1. Ahhhh, I wish I could have been at the recital! I'd especially have liked to hear the girls sing... A baby bird! I have a special affinity for birds. Way interesting thought about the Ender's Game/Thomas Jefferson Education connection... I sure wish I could remember things I've learned like Cat's Cradle - but not for the life of me could I do it. It's early morning - my best time for getting things done and staying awake. I'm going to go read my scriptures... Flowers = beautiful = Sundy!!!
    Love, Mom

  2. So cute!
    We just learned Sunday that Orson Scott Card is in our bishopric! Guess I should start reading his books!