Tuesday, September 8, 2015


We had a really fun Labor Day!  I love having my whole family home and spending time with them....  And that's what we did!
We started off with a 3 mile walk.  The girls lead the way!  It was hot at the end... but we felt better about getting some exercise!
Then we decided to go see Inside Out at the theater - again.  We LOVE this movie!  I've seen it 4 times now.  (Key Lime Pie has seen it 5 times.)  And I've cried every time.  It's such a classic.  Lollipop loved it too - and cried also!  We're so glad it came back to the theater so we could take Lollipop and enjoy an air-conditioned, big-screen movie with movie theater popcorn!
We spent the evening BBQing and playing Loaded Questions with the Bettenhausens and the Thorntons.  We laughed and ate too much!  But we sure love our "adopted" family!  Scott and Lollipop got to meet Raisin for the first time!  They loved her!
Another Labor Day in the books.  Guess it's back to "real life" today....


  1. Your three teens look like they could be bio sisters - same coloring and builds even. Fun! And baby Rachael looks way cute in her pictures. Look at all that dark hair! Unlike most of mine - Zane did have some. :) And Sundy and GJ were -- hairless -- you've got it! But loved anyway... Mom

  2. Sounds like tons of fun, how does one score an invite to such an awesome party? 😉