Monday, September 28, 2015


I just finished reading two great books.  But they are polar opposites.  Here are my reviews:
It IS About Islam by Glenn Beck was very informative.  This book begins with an overview of Islam in the historical context and then proceeds to dismantle 13 key lies that have been said over and over and over again by propaganda, the media and our government.  The lies are proven as lies using quotes from the Quran and leaders of the Islamists.  It is crucial that we are aware of the danger that Islamism poses to us as a society.  This book is a wake up call to Americans.  It faces the issues head on.  If anyone is paying attention, they should read this book.
Do not fear the bad guys.  Learn from them.  That's the premise in Dennis Gaunt's new book, Bad Guys of the Bible.  We read Bad Guys of the Book of Mormon a few years ago as a family and LOVED it!  I was so excited when this book came out.
One of the things I love about this book is the humor that Gaunt has - even when dealing with such serious subjects.  He knows how to keep the old Bible stories refreshing and relevant to today.
This book jumps right in starting with the beginning of the Bible and the original bad guy: Satan.  Gaunt says, "It's essential that we learn to spot his tricks and traps early so we can avoid them."  Gaunt also discusses Cain, Nimrod, Sodom and Gommorrah, Pharoah, Mrs. Potiphar, Goliath, and tons of others.  It's such a great book, that I think I'll read it again... After I re-read Bad Guys of the Book of Mormon again.


  1. I would like to barrow them sometime :) Maybe - if I could? (wink)

  2. New background? Cool. I agree with Becks book. Unfortunately, many will not read and understand. The other soujnds good, as soon as i finish about 20 others. ;-)

  3. You're not finished reading responses till I get there - and I am just now getting caught up with E Mail... :)
    I agree with your summary on Islam, so we both agree with Beck.
    The other sounds intriguing too. Can I borrow them after GJ? :) Mom