Sunday, September 20, 2015


The girls came back from the College Fair totally pumped and ready for future education!  It was funny to listen to them talk about colleges and what they were looking for in a school.  It was also sobering.  It's kinda sad to see them all growing up.  Apparently, some of the cute college boys even flirted with the trio... but they were too smart for that.  They are all looking forward to degrees in Business Management, International Business Relations, and Creative Writing.  What smart girls we have!
Lollipop after the fair....
Kotten Kandy laughing cuz she's only a sophomore!
Key Lime Pie and Lollipop got matching UK hoodies!
Guess what?!  I'm a runner now.  I started Couch to 5K (C25K) last week.  My daughters got me great shoes for my birthday and last year, Key Lime Pie got me a cool health watch that tells me my distance, speed, etc.  I actually am still alive today... although sore most of the week.
I just finished reading The Tulip Resistance by Lynne Leatham Allen.  I have read a lot of books about WWII in Germany so when I saw that this book was based in Holland (and DeGooyer is a Dutch name) I was really intrigued.
This book is the story of a Dutch girl, Marieka Cordoven, who lives with her parents and brother on a farm.  Marieka finds a wounded German soldier who is a deserter and does not want to fight for Hitler.  She decides to help him.  Her family also helps a few Jews hide from the Nazis and also a couple of British spies.
Honestly, although I liked the premise, I didn't care for the book.  I didn't really like the style of writing and I didn't think the author had a great grasp on how to write about war time and horrible atrocities of war.  It's not a bad book.  I just didn't care for it.


  1. Have they looked into a German college? I've heard some really good things about them.

  2. Cute Girls! Proud of them all :)

  3. Oh no. Sorry you didn't like the book. I think I recommended it. :)

    Good job on the running!!

  4. College Dreams --- keep on dreaming and make them come true.
    Running --- I couldn't, but you can, and don't give up.
    Book --- I just finished one I felt that way about. OKay, but not wonderful. Believe it or not, it was about Cave Men (and Women). Thoughts I'd never given a thought to...
    Love you all! Mom/Mil