Wednesday, December 16, 2015


I kinda feel guilty about posting a book review on this AMAZING book, because it's a limited edition and VERY hard to get a copy of it (since my brother wrote this book and only self-published a handful of copies.)  But this book is truly wonderful!  (If anyone wants to borrow it, I'll share.)  Ben tells personal stories as he attempts to "understand Paul's warning from nearly 2000 years ago."  He explores such topics as Vanities of the World and Desires of Our Hearts.  He also discusses the importance of asking Why? and what Worship really is.  My little brother masterfully crafts stories and scripture and sound reasoning together to help build my own testimony.  I'm grateful for his example and his willingness to share his thoughts with me and our family.  He may be my little brother, but he is definitely one of my role models.  And this book cements his place as a mentor and an example to me.