Sunday, December 6, 2015


Louisville in the background...
Kotten Kandy, Lollipop and Key Lime Pie
What a fun weekend!  What made it fun?  People:  Friends and Family!  We are so blessed!
Friday started the party off.  Scott and I went to a Celestial Companions Date Night Party.  We had a blast!  Scott and I agree that the group was AWESOME!  We really like the four couples that were there.  The Schmids hosted the event.  They are an amazing couple who are tons of fun!  (They are the ones I hope to someday share my grandchildren with because their son is so awesome.  It's cuz his parents are also great!)  The Bettenhausens were also there.  (Anyone who reads my blog knows how much I love Amy and Mark.  They aren't just friends, they are family!)  And the other couple is the Pinas.  I LOVE this couple!  We have recently done a few get-togethers with them and the more we get to know them the more both Scott and I are impressed!  We hope to become even better friends with them as we go!  We did get a picture at the end of the evening... but it was a bit blurry.  Oh well.  Here are our WONDERFUL friends!  We are blessed!
Schmids, Pinas, DeGooyers and Bettenhausens
Saturday we went to another fun Christmas event.  The Foreign Exchange Students Christmas Party.  The food was divine!  The company was great!  We had a good time visiting and eating different kinds of food from all over the world.  I led a short sing along of Christmas carols.  And some of the foreign students shared some of their traditions with us.  (I tried to get pictures, but the venue was really crowded and all I was able to take was pictures of backsides.  Nobody looks good in those kinds of pics, so I'll spare you the shots.)  Of course, Lollipop is the absolute BEST foreign exchange student EVER in the history of foreign exchange students!  We are blessed!
"The cold never bothered me anyway!"
After the Exchange Student Party, our small family of five, decided to visit the Louisville Walking Bridge.  It was a blast!  We walked from Kentucky to Indiana.  The girls were adorable!  The weather was pretty good, a bit cold, but not freezing.  And I got to hold hands with my cute husband.  The only negative was that the pictures are a bit grainy because of the dark.  But I still took lots of pics because all three of my girls were as cute as could be.  We are so blessed!  Check it out:
One foot in Kentucky.
One foot in Indiana.
Both feet over the Ohio.
Indiana side...
Lollipop, Key Lime Pie, Kotten Kandy and Scott
Looking over the Ohio River...
"I'm tired."
Here's the bridge we just walked...
Key Lime Pie doesn't really like heights.
Kotten Kandy, Lollipop and Key Lime Pie =
Quite possibly the cutest, sweetest and most fun girls in the entire world!


  1. You always make things fun! :) Love you guys!

  2. Sundy, you remind me of Valerie. She makes forever friends wherever she goes. She is an incredible friend too, just like you. Me? I'm not so good at that. In fact, I'm kinda bad at it. Do you teach lessons? Mom