Thursday, July 28, 2016


My "little" brother is moving across country.  Actually, I'm excited about their move because they'll be living closer to us in sunny Florida!  Because of the move, we were lucky enough to have the entire family (plus 4 dogs) come stay with us for 24 hours!  It wasn't long enough.  We LOVE hanging out with Zane, Tara and my awesome nephews and niece!  We mostly just relaxed.  The kids played pool and went to see the movie Tarzan.  Zane, Tara, Scott and I went to see some of Kentucky, including the temple.  We also got to go out to dinner - Chuys (Scott's and my favorite!)  I already miss them!  But now that they will only be 11 hours away (instead of 24) we are hoping to see more of them!  Yeah!!!!!!!
Love you, brudder!


  1. I've heard nothing but 'positives' from both families. Must be true that it was a fun time together... :) Mom/Mil