Tuesday, July 5, 2016


A special shout-out to Mark Bettenhausen!  He recovered my DeGooyer reunion pictures!  I sobbed when I lost them and I screamed and cried when he found them!  (Yes, I know, I'm extremely dramatic...  Everyone who knows me, already knows that....  Crazy?  Maybe.)  Anyways... here are my favorites (not all 268):
The girls didn't remember Temple Square....
Here we are!
The tabernacle and the Mormon Tabernacle Choir were spectacular!
The Christus was majestic!
Salt Lake City Temple
Yes, these two are cousins and are only a few months apart in age.
The length difference cracks me up!
Brett, Kerri, Scott, Stacey and Kevin
with Dad and Mom
Priceless photos of siblings with their spouses....
I had to get a shot of my cute husband with his fantastic parents!
These silly men make me smile!
I begged for this picture....
Mom and Dad (aka. Grandma and Grandpa)
with their grandchildren
(we are only missing Shannon and Kendall)
Families are Forever!
These strange and crazy girls (I mean... my sweet and beautiful daughters)
thought they'd wade in freezing cold water....
Kotten Kandy stole my camera and took this strange photo.
She was super proud of it and so I thought I'd display her talent!
Kotten Kandy was SUPER excited to see so many LDS church buildings.
When we saw two side by side, we stopped for a picture... cuz... Utah!
Provo Temple
Provo City Center Temple
IHop with Grandma and Grandpa
Bountiful Temple
Oquirrh Temple
Draper Temple
Friends from Kentucky in Provo...
including Doritoes, Nettie and Lemon Drop
Pason Temple with Haagen-Dazs
Mt. Timpanogos Temple
The Family History Center was AMAZING!
Kotten Kandy learned about the day she was born...
Scott researched places where his ancestors came from...
And Key Lime Pie looked up photographs about Grandma T.
Ogden Temple
Brigham City Temple
Logan Temple
What a memorable week!


  1. Wow, you've done some "templeing" like none of the rest of us have ever done! When at Logan, did you remember that is where Al, Sheila, Gaydra, Rod and Val were sealed? And Provo was Mac and Mil's Temple for several years while we lived in Utah. Special places - all! What a fun day it must have been... Love you, Grandma Mil
    P.S. Your reunion looks like you had a blast too...

  2. So many temples! I haven't even heard of some of them.

  3. So fun! I want to go to Utah and temple hop :)