Saturday, July 30, 2016


Sooooo... I haven't read a fiction book in - like - 3 months!  And I decided to binge read two weeks ago a new - to me - series of YA fiction dystopian books.  I enjoyed them, although I'm not sure my family enjoyed fending for themselves for three days.  (Yes, I read three books in three days.  They are pretty quick reads and fun.)
The series is called The Testing by Joelle Charbonneau.  The three books are:  The Testing, Independent Study and Graduation Day.  Kotten Kandy recommended the books to me and I devoured them.  She did too.  And now she's reading them out loud to her dad!
This dystopian society puts its youth through a testing process in order to make the society stronger as a whole.  Unfortunately, the testing is life and death, and many young people are killed or reassigned.  Sound familiar?  (The Hunger Games?!)  It kinda is.  But the author was original in some of the testing and the society/government was engrossing and intriguing.  I really liked Cia, a 16 year old student who is really kind, brilliant and thoughtful.  I am not fond of the first person narrative and Joelle's writing isn't as good as Susanne Collins.  But I really did enjoy reading these books and would recommend them to fans of the dystopian society type books.  It was a fun break from the non-fiction, more intense reading I've been doing the past few months.


  1. Wish I had time to read ;) Guess you'll have to read them for me. lol LOVE YA!

  2. Hmmmm, my comment pretty much would match Gee's. Thanks for sharing though. Kotten Kandy liked them too. Right? It would be pretty hard to equal Hunger Games... Mom/Mil