Thursday, August 4, 2016


Kotten Kandy, Scott, Key Lime Pie, Fig Newton and Me
We have a new daughter!  We love her already... and she's only been here a few hours.  I'm calling her Fig Newton....  Her smile is contagious!  And she's so sweet and excited to learn everything about America and the English language!  (Thank you, Bangkok, for sharing her with us!  We promise to treat her like our own!)
I'm sure Fig Newton was overwhelmed meeting the ENTIRE family.
But she loved our Bettenhausen family as much as we do!
We instantly took her to eat a "real" American lunch at W.W. Cousins: hamburgers!

I'm sure you'll see a LOT more of Fig Newton on my blog in weeks to come!  But for now... let me catch you, my faithful readers, up on some of the goings on in our Kentucky world for the past week.

Scott and I double dated with Amy and Mark last Friday.  We decided to go out to eat at a Thai restaurant (in honor of Fig Newton).  The food was yummy.  And yes, I actually took pictures of it because it was beautiful:
Amy's Food actually was served in a pineapple...  So cool!
I had traditional pad thai.  YUMMMMMM!
Then we took some silly pictures on the date too:
A Leggo Grammy Award is as close as I'll get to the real thing!
And Scott loved this gigantic chair!
Amy and I took our kids to meet and listen to Rand Paul.  He is running for a second term senate seat in Kentucky.  I like him.  He's a lot shorter than I expected, though.
Kotten Kandy, Me, Raisin and Rand
Jelly Bean and Marmalade
And our family decided to go see two movies last week.  First we saw Hillary's America.  It was extremely well done and eye opening.  I already wasn't planning on voting for that criminal.  (For that matter, I don't plan on voting for the narcissistic, dictator either.  - I guess I won't be voting for president this election... but I will still be very involved in the elections, etc.)
The other movie we enjoyed was Star Trek.  (Yes, we are Trekies!)  It was a fun movie... albeit a bit dark - I wanted more lighting in a lot of scenes.  I am really sad that the actor who played Chekov was killed in such a horrible accident.  But  my favorite characters are Scotty and Bones!
I went back to work Monday taking pictures.  Monday and Tuesday were training days.  Wednesday I actually got to work and take pictures of some great kids at a local high school.  One of the boys loved the TV show, Psych, as much as we do!  He even had the phone case:
Our family has truly fallen in love with this show.  Since we don't have television, we splurged and bought all 8 seasons on DVD.  These characters are endearing and we love quoting the show!


  1. Fun - Fun - Fun! Can't wait to meet Fig :)

  2. Welcome, Pimmada! We are excited to meet you. :)
    Quoting Psych, are you? That's a good one to quote. So we went to see Tarzan with some friends. And I found a quote from Jane that I'll be quoting routinely now. Jane said, "My husband is no ordinary man..." So Gary gets to be the recipient of her hyperbole! Be seeing you all soon. Mom