Monday, August 29, 2016


Last night my father taught us a Family Home Evening about courage.  It really hit home for me because of our current situation.  He spoke about the mothers of the stripling warriors.  He talked about how the stripling warriors weren't the only ones who displayed courage.  He pointed out that not once in the scriptures does it mention that their mothers begged their sons not to go to war....  And he spoke about the courage it must have taken for them to send their sons away.  Today I had to leave Key Lime Pie behind as she begins a new adventure in her life.  It took great courage (for both of us) as we said goodbye.  We cried.  But we knew it was for the best.  I love this eldest daughter of mine!  I'm pretty sure she'll conquer whatever trials and adventures that come her way....
College Girl!
"Courage is not simply one of the virtues,
but the form of every virtue at the testing point." - C.S, Lewis
After the many tears, we drove away.  Kotten Kandy and Fig Newton continued our silly tradition of running to the Utah border from the Colorado border.  They didn't have on the best shoes for running, but they had fun!
Running... Running... Running for the border!
Kotten Kandy and Fig Newton
Then after about a 4 hour drive... we made it to the home of Sodalicious!  Kotten Kandy was super excited for this treat!  This was definitely one of the highlights of this trip for her.  Silly girl!  Fig Newton enjoyed the yummy drinks too!  And Scott attempted ANOTHER selfie!
Kotten Kandy loves the title of her drink:  Your Mom Extra Dirty


  1. Fun Memories! Love Scottie and his selfies :) Miss you guys already but so happy to have Kiara Lea with us!!!!!!!

  2. You've shared your girl for a few days, and we are the beneficiaries. She misses YOU, but is also doing well here. Perfect things to hear, right? Right! Mom/Mil