Wednesday, August 10, 2016


I love seeing everybody's 1st day of school pictures!  It makes me so happy seeing children excited to learn.  And even though we homeschool, we have "1st days of school" are excited to learn too!  (Although we believe learning is a life-long pursuit and we never want to stop learning.)  So here are my children's 1st day of school pictures:
Kotten Kandy
Kotten Kandy was really excited to start her junior year and seminary this morning.  She loves her seminary teacher, Sister Brown.  And although I had to work all day, and she was alone, she still accomplished all of her math assignments, worked on her science and reading.  She also did all the laundry, cleaned out the refrigerator and vacuumed the house!  She is really amazing!
Fig Newton
Fig Newton was ready for school on time, but apparently the bus didn't get the memo that they were supposed to pick her up.  Luckily Key Lime Pie took her to school and got the problem figured out!  She enjoyed all her classes and said she understood most everything!  She traded her class times for Art and English.  And, of course, she brought home tons of paperwork for me to sign.  I had to write her last name at least 5 times - and that is NOT easy since there are about 20 letters in it!  But I love her enthusiasm and her positive attitude!
Key Lime Pie doesn't start school (in Colorado) until September...  There will be pictures then....
I recently finished reading The Lincoln Hypothesis by Timothy Ballard.  I enjoyed this book.  It taught me a lot about Abraham Lincoln that I never knew.  Did you know he borrowed a first edition of the Book of Mormon from the Library of Congress and didn't return it for 8 months?  This is a fact.  Ballard believes that Lincoln read and studied the book and that Lincoln's was influenced greatly by it and guided him during the Civil War.  I believe.  I thought his arguments were well documented and well thought out.  I typically do not read a lot of history books.  This one was fascinating.  I had never thought of Abraham Lincoln in a spiritual light before.  I loved it!  BTW:  I also love Seward, Lincoln's Secretary of State.  I didn't know anything about him before this book.


  1. Fun First Day for All :) So glad! The Lincoln Hypothesis is AMAZING!!! I loved it too and need to find time to read it again it was that good! :)

  2. Thank you for take care my friend.

    from friends at thailand

  3. I'm glad y'all are doing well. And I'm impressed by KK's responsibility. And tell KLP good luck with college.

  4. Back to School Days - once again... Any twinge in your heart, Sunshine? Of course you are back - just taking pictures...
    Katia Rae, you are pretty incredible. We could all use a half dozen of you every day!
    Fern, glad you had a good first day of classes. And hope you have a good school year.
    Kiara Lea, let me see! Won't be long till here you be!!!
    Sundy,Lincoln Hypothesis was incredible, wasn't it? A real testimony builder for me in understanding the Civil War in conjunction with the Lord's plans and the gospel restoration. Mopm/Mil