Saturday, August 20, 2016


We love these kids!
Although this party was another bitter-sweet one:  It was a FIRST for a few exchange students and a LAST for Key Lime Pie....  The kids had a great time sword fighting, playing capture the flag, roasting hot dogs, and visiting.  (The moms spent the time planning more activities for homeschool activities, field trips and temple trips.  And planning is one of my all time favorite things to do... so I had fun too!)
Check out these wonderful kids:
(Missing about 7 or 8 kids in this picture... I took it rather late in the evening.)
I wish all these kids belonged to me!  I really love them all!
Mike and Taffey sword fighting....
Mike got a black eye and covered in mud... Cuz Homeschoolers
Oatmeal Cookie says goodbye to Key Lime Pie
Candy is from Spain.  She "belongs" to Apple Jacks and Red Hot.
And Oatmeal Cookie got into the picture too!
Raisin and Kotten Kandy share a moment....
Asparagus, Key Lime Pie, Fig Newton and Guarana
"Here I am world!  I'm headed to Colorado in a week" - Key Lime Pie
Foreign Exchange Students UNITE!
Fig Newton and Guarana
The gang!
BTW Here are some new hairstyles:
Key Lime Pie cut off 3 inches of hair, got layers and bangs!
I LOVE it!
Picture of Cousin It - Thai style!
Fig Newton keeps us laughing!


  1. Those hairstyles are totally awesome! It'd be fun to have hair that long.

  2. I love your hair Kiara Lea! Too stinking cute :)

  3. Kiara, here you come...arms outstretched and ready! I really like your haircut. :) Mil