Saturday, August 27, 2016


We are in Colorado.  Before we left, we had to say goodbye to family....  This one was REALLY hard!  Key Lime Pie was sooooo sad to say farewell to these wonderful friends/brothers and sisters!
Juice and Key Lime Pie
She was truly excited that he gave her a hug....
Juice isn't a hugger.....
Nuts cried when he hugged Key Lime Pie.
He is a sensitive, sweet kid!
Marmalade felt like she was loosing a sister!
And Key Lime Pie felt the same way!
There is absolutely nothing better than hugs from Apple Pie!
He gives the best hugs and kept hugging Key Lime Pie - thinking he could keep her in Kentucky.
Jelly Bean was in denial about his "girlfriend" leaving him.
They are such buddies!
Key Lime Pie hopes Raisin won't forget her. 
We won't let Raisin forget....
Saying goodbye to her second mother made for lots of tears!
I may call Amy my BFF, but Key Lime Pie calls her the same thing!
After driving all night for 17 hours, we finally made it to Berthoud, Colorado to see our dear friends, the Melansons!  We are soooooooooo sad they left KY, but glad that we can see them on the way to visit my family.
I love my Jan Melanson!!!
My girls love her too!
We also got to tour the Ft. Collins Temple with Jan.  It was absolutely gorgeous!  We all enjoyed the reverent spirit there.
Our family of five at the Ft. Collins Temple open house.
Because of a "house" like this one, we are an eternal family!
And eating hoagies with Jan and Dave was also a nice break in our trip.  A few short hours later, we were back on the road.  And 6 hours later we got to see Mil and Grandpa Mac!  Fig Newton immediately loved her American grandparents!  And Key Lime Pie felt truly loved as her own room was prepared for her.  And Kotten Kandy just loves being with her family!  An exciting moment was when Key Lime Pie got to see her new/old car!  She is trying to decide what to name it but is excited about it all the same!
Does this picture "speak" responsibility?!
Come back tomorrow for another edition of our Colorado adventure...

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