Monday, March 13, 2017


Key Lime Pie got to go to a RS Activity and listen to one of my favorite people.  I always thought Connie Kelly was an amazing woman!  She is a professional speaker and I wanted to emulate her.  (Although I never did "do" that dream....)  Kiara learned a lot from her - about organization!  She also took a class about journaling!  I'm glad my daughter is learning from such wonderful women!
Kiara and Connie
Soooo... I love my house!  And spring time makes it beautiful!  Check out the gorgeous tree out front:
My House
My Tree
And we went to the temple on Friday (just Scott, Kotten Kandy, Amy and I)....  What a wonderful place to be!  And then Qdoba afterwards!  YUM!
Kotten Kandy, Amy, Raisin, Mark, Me and Scott
And look at this beautiful Thai dinner Fig Newton ate:  (I think the flower was my favorite part!  I want flowers served with my food from now on!)
Sunday we had our monthly gospel discussion!  And this time, we got to share it with the Melansons too!  They came to visit us from Colorado!  (Actually, they came to visit their grandsons, but we'll take it - since we love them!)  We love being with them!  They even stayed with us!  (Yay!)
Scott, Dave and Hammond discussing repentance.
Kotten Kandy, Amy, Raisin and Mark contributing
to the discussion on applying the Atonement.
These cute kids enjoyed the BBQ and playing together!
And Juice is getting so good on the piano!
Cookie Cake by Amy!
Nuts, Fig Newton, Kotten Kandy, Apple Pie, Amy and Raisin
And then there is our entertainment!  Scott and Raisin dancing:
Kiara got to have her own gospel discussion with my family in Colorado!  Isn't the gospel wonderful!?  I love these cute kids who also participated 24 hours away:
Shaved Ice and Shortbread
Key Lime Pie
And then... Kotten Kandy went on a date to see Lego Batman... with these cute boys:
Kotten Kandy, Jelly Bean and Apple Pie


  1. You alls is goods peoples :) <3 you guys! Oh and your tree is gorgeous!!!

  2. Such blessings: home family and friends. Who could ask for more? Mom