Friday, March 31, 2017


According to Kotten Kandy the highlight of this week was two fold:  Learning to dance with friends, and Fig Newton coming home from California!
Sooooooo Tuesday night 12 teenagers got together to learn how to waltz and do other amazing dances. They danced for about two hours and ended the evening doing line dances.  They had so much fun!  And I'm glad they got to learn some new skills.
They make me laugh!
Run Away....
Love these kids!!!!
Fig Newton came home Wednesday night.  Kotten Kandy REALLY missed her.  We all did!  She had a marvelous time - but we never want her to leave again because she really adds an element of fun and laughter to our little family!
Sisters... Sisters... There were never such devoted sisters!
And Taffy made this AMAZING shield this week.  He's such a talented guy!
Taffy is one of my favorite teens....
This week was exhausting for me.  I worked a lot.  And had activities every night.  But I did get to exercise outside on Thursday before the storms.  I had to take pictures of these two adorable kids:
Jelly Bean
He kept running ahead and waving at us...
So cute!
So funny!
Marmalade is turning into a beautiful young woman!
And she is maturing far faster than I would like...
I really love this girl!

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  1. Always fun at the DeGooyers! :D Love and miss you.