Monday, April 3, 2017


We REALLY love General Conference!  It's one of our favorite holidays!  I think one of the best thing about listening to our church leaders is that my entire family is together.  And I LOVE that my daughters are excited about the opportunity to learn from our prophets and apostles.
Like all holidays we have traditions that we have created that help make the weekend extra special.  (I was excited when Brother Cordon talked about traditions - because that is my go-to advice for anyone starting a family.  I can't express how wonderful Scott and my traditions have been in helping raise our daughters to be strong in the gospel and a close-knit family!  Traditions (especially religious traditions) really are a wonderful tool in creating an eternal family!)
One of our traditions in Kentucky is to watch all four sessions at Chris's house with our DeThortonhausen family.  Another tradition: BBQ between sessions on Saturday.  AND taking notes, wearing skirts on Sunday (despite being at home) and discussing our favorites with the family....  AND, of course, Scott's homemade sweet rolls and Amy's sausage balls for breakfast on Sunday morning.
Why does Kotten Kandy look so pretty even when she doesn't have to?!
She absolutely loves listening to our prophets and leaders!
This guy is so cute!  And such a good man!
I love his righteous endeavors and his love of all things related to the gospel!
This beautiful 10 year old took notes during every session on Saturday and Sunday!
When did she grow up?!
I'm so proud of Marmalade!
Jelly Bean "took notes" for about 3 minutes.
But he's adorable!  And he's only 4.
Apple Pie counted (using stickers) how many times the church leaders talked about Christ or Family or the Plan of Salvation, etc.  He was extremely attentive.  And I was majorly impressed with his reverence and excitement about the conference.  This boy is adorable!!!!
Some of my favorite people...
Between sessions I cuddled Raisin and cross stitched.
Scott makes his sweet roll with love!
And Jelly Bean loved devouring the sweet concoctions!
I got to cuddle with these two cuties!
(Scott shot the picture just as I blinked... but I loved the cuddles I got!)
Raisin was a lot of fun!
She would take turns sitting on all of our laps - getting loves and attention....
Moments after President Uchtdorf's quote, I received this picture of my dad from my daughter....
Kotten Kandy and Scott also caught a few zzzzs after the Sunday morning session...
They took Benedril (because: Cats) and both were exhausted!
And another happy thing is knowing that my other daughter - in Colorado - is also enjoying this celebration with my family.  (Their tradition is orange danish rolls.)  Kiara Lea was excited to call and share her favorite talks with us too!  We put her on speaker and discussed the wonderful conference together!
Key Lime Pie
She crocheted during some of the conference.
What a talented girl!
With Shaved Ice....
And my family's tradition:  Orange Danish Rolls
Kiara also sent me this text between conference sessions.  It made me laugh!
I love that my daughter has such a silly sense of humor and loves musicals as much as I do!
Dad and Mom watched it with Kiara on Saturday.
Thanks for spending time with my baby girl and sharing those special memories!


  1. Loved Conference. Isn't fun knowing your daughter who is hundreds of miles away is doing the same thing you are for a few hours during conference. :) I always love that thought! Though there is distance between us, our hearts are united in Christ. <3

  2. A very special Conference. We were blessed to share it with Kiara - who loves it so much too! Happy Spring!