Sunday, April 9, 2017


Winston Churchill once said, "Personally I'm always ready to learn...."  I LOVE that!  Learning is fun!  Scott and I have often expressed how much fun it is to learn and grow... and we have always admired people who take learning into their own hands.  There are so many ways to learn - and this week, we've seen a lot of examples of learning in our own lives and in the lives of those kids we have come to love!
One way to learn is to attend a conference on something you are interested in.  Scott got to go to Chicago for 3 days this week and learn about automation in a warehouse.  The PROMAT conference opened his eyes to lots of possibilities that he is anxious to implement at work.  He came home invigorated and excited about automatic guided vehicles (AGVs).
My cute husband!
Scott, Brian and Scott
Another wonderful way to learn is to teach a class (especially when you've taken the time to teach yourself first).  Taffy did that this week.  He taught (and created) swords, shields and armor with 7 young men.  The class, I am told, was amazing.  And Taffy loved creating, teaching and learning.  (That's an admirable trait and one of the reason this young man is kinda an important one in our family.)
I also got to learn this week!  I attended TOFW (Time Out for Women).  It was amazing to feel the spirit and learn more about gospel subjects.  I also got to go with some of my favorite women whom I love an admire!  It reminds me of a quick BYU Education week....  Which of course is one of my favorite things EVER!
Teresa, Melisa, Me, Sheila and ?
Cindi and Maeva
Scott, our children and I are still always learning!  And I love it!


  1. Good for you! Great post. I agree whole heartedly! I love any opportunity to learn something new!

  2. Pamela Harp is the lady on the end.

    What a great post!

  3. Learning is everything you expressed. BYU Ed Week is an experience that can't even be explained, isn't it? And we are all believers...