Saturday, April 29, 2017


Daughter and Mother - Working Hard!
Anyone who knows me knows that I do NOT enjoy yard work.  I've tried it a couple of times...  (I mowed the lawn once when I was about 12 years old and I tried gardening with my husband in 2004 once.  I didn't enjoy it.)  But desperate times call for desperate measures....  My husband is hurting and our lawn was in bad shape.  So Kotten Kandy and I dawned our work clothes and ventured out to serve.  (And I didn't mind it because I felt like I was speaking my husband's love language: service.)  I did want proof of this rare sight: me getting sweaty and dirty.  Soooooooooo:
I probably mowed about 1/2 an acre.
I have blisters on my hands now...
And I'm sunburned.
I'm soooooooooo sweaty and dirty.
Kotten Kandy planted 2 lilac bushes and 2 hydrangea bushes.
And she did a lot more dirt removal than I did....
But she also took time to sing....
Forced, exhausted smiles....
After 3 hours of working hard, Kotten Kandy and I got cleaned up and then I decided to do some canning.  (I'm a glutton for punishment.)  I canned 14 pints of chicken.
Hopefully pint size cans will work out better for our smaller family.
It's nice to have chicken on the food storage shelves again!
Actually... all this hard work was also a bit selfish.  I'm TRYING to stay positive and "doing good" often helps.  Right now I just feel exhausted.


  1. Doing good makes me feel good too! Bet you'd never have guessed...
    Beautiful yards with flowers, and pantries with food = good things. I'm proud of you, Mom/Mil

  2. Sister - you are awesome! Loved your dirty sweaty picture. I never dreamed I'd see something like that. And your sweet daughter... sure love her! <3