Friday, April 14, 2017


Soooo - FIELD TRIP!  We went to Newton's Attic and learned all about F=MA and inertia and how to build rockets and mechanics, etc.  Everyone seemed to have a wonderful time!
They learned inertia on this roller-coaster machine thingy.
They had so much fun!
They built and shot their own rockets.
And they LOVED  riding the spintron... like the astronauts....
Katia's has always been a bit "upside down!"
After the Field Trip we got to celebrate my friend, Maeva's birthday!  We got pedicures.  And our daughters did their nails!
Lovin' Maeva and my selfie!  ;-)
These two girls are too cute!  I really love Kotten Kandy and Maple!
Earlier in the week, Taffy "officially" asked Kotten Kandy to prom.  (He wanted to "do it right.")  My sweet daughter told me later that she was impressed that he knew her so well. - books, chocolate, codes and The Way of Kings -
I LOVE creating!  And I LOVE seeing the kids I love creating!  Check out these talented kids:
Nuts made this stuffed dragon without a pattern.
The details are amazing!
Avocado taught Marmalade to crochet.
I love it when our sweet teenagers help our upcoming teens learn and grow!
Kotten Kandy spent 4+ hours making a tie for Taffy....
She started at midnight and finished a 4ish AM
Crazy girl!

Kiara got a hair cut:
I love her haircut too!
It's cute with working hair too!
And then she also got to go to a convention for work.  She said she learned a lot that could transfer into "real life!"  This girl is amazing!
Kiara and Shanae at the conference.
Apparently it was super cold at the conference...
luckily cousin Gary's coat was handy.
Scott got me roses:
Scott loves me!
And for everyone's enjoyment:
I tried to convince Taffy to wear this to prom....

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  1. What to say? Even the learning looks fun! The roses are so sweet - juat like Scott. And your taste for Taffy's jacket??? I'm glad he thought so too. :) Mom/Mil