Sunday, April 23, 2017


I have so much to be grateful for today...  and every day.
He's cute!
First I want to give a shout-out to my sweet husband!  He has been hurt for over a week.  Apparently, after x-rays and doctor's visits, we've discovered that he has arthritis in his neck, a pinched nerve in his shoulder and bone spurs.  Despite being in pain, he has managed to go to work, and provide for our family.  He rarely complains, but this time has been a bit much.  (So... please keep him in your prayers?!)  Today he spoke in church.  And the Spirit was so strong as he spoke.  He has grown into a great public speaker and I was really proud of him.  I'm sooooooooooo blessed that he chose me 22 years ago!  And I definitely see Heavenly Father's hand in our marriage!  I really love this guy!
Rexburg Temple
Shaved Ice, Gary, Mariah, Shanae and Kiara
Love these girls!
Spencer and Kiara - They'll always be besties!
Last week, Kiara got to go on a QUICK trip to Idaho with my sister and her family.  Thank you, sister, for including my daughter in on the fun!  She also got to see Spencer (our awesome friend from Kentucky!)  She had a great time!
You haven't heard great music until you've heard these two making music together!
Love their voices!  Love their talents!  And love that they are willing to share!
And I'm also truly grateful to the Coolbears!  They helped our family in a time of need this weekend (with Scott's injuries!)  Scott said that he thinks they are awesome and share the same values as we do!  I'd have to agree!  They just "fit" right in with all of us!  At one point, while we were working, Kotten Kandy and Taffy serenaded us!  Music definitely makes me happy!  And seeing these two create their own made my heart glad!
I didn't want to embarrass Kiara too bad so this picture of her
post surgery eating a banana with a spoon seemed OK....
Key Lime Pie also had her wisdom teeth out this week in Colorado!  My mom is the BEST EVER!  She nurtured and loved my daughter through the ordeal when I couldn't be there!  I'm extremely thankful for her!!!!!  I think I must have the best mom in the entire world!!!!!  Kiara is doing well.  She's healing faster than anyone I've ever met!
I've got lots of random pics I wanted to share:
Kiara created this collage of Kotten Kandy's first Prom and her first Prom!
Lovin' this group of kids at Prom last week....
Two of Kotten Kandy's best friends:  Sweet Tarts and Apple Jacks
Apple Muffin giving me a much needed hug!
Texas Roadhouse with Fig Newton!  YUM!


  1. Much to be grateful for. I'm grateful for you! Miss ya :)

  2. Scott has me concerned (notice I didn't say 'worried' - age teaches me a few things...) Hope the prognosis is a better one today. There probably isn't anything much to help with arthritis, but bone spurs might be different? A pinched nerve can be corrected, right? Tell him we are praying for him.
    Fun pics of my 'grands'! They appear to be having good times all around...
    Mom, Sundy, keeps her blog diary soooo faithfully. :) Mom/Mil