Wednesday, April 5, 2017


FHE picnics after General Conference...  It's a "thing!"  We share delicious food, throwing rocks, walking and discussing our favorite talks from our church leaders....  What could be better?  Sharing it with our adopted family!
Sub Sandwiches taste better out doors!
Hammond is teaching Jelly Bean to identify fossils!
And Marmalade and Apple Muffin LOVED finding shells and fossils!
Quite an amazing collection!
Apple Pie dug up the biggest rocks he could find so he could make a big splash!
He informed me that "Rocks are the dirt's teeth!"
Maple taught Raisin how to kick a soccer ball....
Jelly Bean loved finding rocks to throw.
Amy and Raisin looked at the storm clouds!
Fig Newton loves Maple!  (I do too!)
Kotten Kandy and Taffy sharing General Conference thoughts.
Raisin - is there anything more precious?!
Selfie with my boy!
Love these adorable children of God!


  1. Once in a while, I'm a bit jealous of your "extended family" occasions and fun. But mostly - 99% of the time - I'm sooo grateul for them. Your lives have been enriched so much. Mom