Wednesday, March 8, 2017


This week was super fun!  We love being a BIG family!  And Teresa and Tony shared their sweet kids with us so we could have lots more crazy fun being six!  I made us take a "family" picture after church!
Sweet Tarts, Almond Joy, Me, Scott, Kotten Kandy and Fig Newton
We had a lot of fun with our extra kids.  We went to Taffy's basketball tournament.  He played really well and we enjoyed cheering him on!  (Maple played too.  And we loved screaming for her as well!)
Taffy is in red...
Taffy's cheering section!
He played well!  And they won two games!
And on Monday the teenagers had fun taking pictures and being silly... I got to be "one of the girls" for one shot:
Love these great girls!
Fig Newton, Sweet Tarts, Kotten Kandy
Kotten Kandy and Sweet Tarts with Maple
These crazy kids decided to take pics at a photo booth....
And this little girl makes me smile ALL the time!  I love this little cubby hole in my entertainment center... because it "fits" her so well:
Amy and Mark make cute kids!
And Sheila sent me this cute picture when they went to go see a movie... and saw this adorable employee:
Working Girl
And after reprimanding my oldest daughter about never sending me pictures, she sent me ONE:
She's so wonderful!  And she's doing well.  She is starting her application process for BYUI, but is pretty much planning on attending in the fall.  She seems happy!  And is working hard at the dentist office and with Pathway.  I'm pretty proud of that girl of mine!
Key Lime Pie
I never take selfies.... Scott said he wanted one of me....  So here's the result:
Have a wonderful day!


  1. We had a fun week and got to see how it would have been if we had four kids like we had hoped. Crazy fun. By the way, who is that beauty at the end? Luckily she is mine. I love you Brightness!

  2. I like that Scott calls you Brightness - and a pretty one you are too... Thanks for sharing the kids fun times... Mom/Mil

  3. :) Great Selfie! Looks like a fun week and a great bunch of kiddos!