Sunday, August 6, 2017


Is there anything better than music and books?  (OK, there is a case to be made for adorable little kids who love you and give you amazing hugs... but music and books are pretty great!)
Shanae, Billy and Kiara at the Olathe Sweet Corn Festival
All you can eat sweet corn... YUM!
Kiara got to enjoy the sweet music of Rodney Atkins this weekend.  (And she got to pair it with delicious festival food - ie. Olathe sweet corn!  YUM!)  In her words, "IT WAS AWESOME!!!!!"  And she took lots of pictures for me!  Yay!  So I got to share in her joy vicariously.
Key Lime Pie got a new shirt.
All sorts of food to eat!  How delicious!
Waiting for the concert....
Ain't she cute?
Getting excited!
Rodney Atkins ROCKS!
Friends at a concert!  What a good life!
Unfortunately... Kiara forgot sunscreen....
She paid for it on Sunday.
Before I tell you about a life changing book....  I want to share a few pics from some of my favorite little people:
Raisin fell asleep at our house.
Scott couldn't resist shooting a few adorable baby pictures!
And I love that these kids come running for hugs whenever they see me!  I'm sooooo lucky to be their honorary aunt!
The pictures are a bit grainy - but I'm glad Kotten Kandy took them anyway....
Since Scott is still recovering from his surgery, we have been able to read together a lot.  It is one of our favorite things to do.  And when there is a wonderful book involved, it is even better!  We REALLY loved the book "The Vanishing American Adult" by Ben Sasse.  In fact, both of us felt that it is a game changer kind of book.  We learned a lot, thought a lot and discussed a lot of what we want to do to "finish" raising our daughters and help with our future grandchildren.  This book discusses the problem: That adolescence is no longer a transitional phase in our culture today, it is now the permanent goal.  It's a sad fact that many kids are being raised "soft" and not becoming productive citizens and human beings.  I love his simple solution on teaching five basic habits to our young people:  1.  Overcome peer culture.  2.  Work hard.  3.  Resist consumption.  4.  Travel to experience the difference between need and want.  and 5.  Become truly literate.  Number 5 was our favorite.  The whole book was a call to action to create more virtuous lives and educational opportunities for our families.  This book is one of Scott's and my "classics" now.  We will re-read it and use it and recommend it a LOT!  It is worth repeating:  This book is game changing!  We love it!


  1. :) You make me smile, Sundy! I'm glad that you find so many things that make you happy. Your smile is also contagious!
    I'm so glad you read the book - Vanishing American Adult. Your Dad and I, of course, felt the same way about it that you do. Game Changing! Love YOU, Mom

  2. I have the book, now I just have to find the time to read :) lol
    Glad Kiara had an "Awesome" day at the festival! Wish I could have been there with them!