Friday, August 25, 2017


"Happy Birthday to us!"
Sooooo... my birthday buddy informed me that the best things about "OUR birthday" was that we get "cake and toys!"  So he got me two toy cars, Play-doh, a coloring book and a balloon!  I have the best birthday buddy ever!  He loved his baseball, glove and bat that we got him too....  I love celebrating with Jelly Bean!  I was spoiled by my sweet family and friend too!  I'm beyond blessed!  I love being 45!
Jelly Bean and Me
Me and my bestie!
I also got spoiled by my Visiting Teachers.  Cracker Barrel for lunch.  Yum!
Me - Wilma - Debbie - Mary
Kotten Kandy and I went to a Wedding Reception...  We felt pretty:
Me and My Girl
More fun:  Kiara got to go to Utah with her cousins last weekend.  They had a lot of fun shopping.  And they were grateful Aunt Kerri allowed them to stay with them.
Sodalicious is truly the BEST!
Key Lime Pie, Shaved Ice and Shortbread
"We love to see the temple!"
My beautiful eldest daughter!
And Key Lime Pie also has enjoyed working with Ruby Canyon Dental Group in Grand Junction.  They had  a fun BBQ.
Cousins who work together - have fun together!
And she got to work with one of my dear friends from childhood, my old babysitter, Mary White.
Our stake had an 80s Dance for the youth.  Kotten Kandy had a lot of fun with her friends:
This gorgeous 80s girl is my baby girl!
Maple and Kotten Kandy
Kotten Kandy and Sweet Tarts
I love these two beauties!
Scott finally shaved.  He looked very distinguished with a beard - but I think he's MUCH more sexier without one....  (and a mustache is just plain horrible).
He's soooooo cute!
I really do love this man!


  1. OK, just for the record - I like the full beard and mustache best! But then he's not bad without them either.
    Katia & friend definitely had good coaching on the 80's look. Loved the hair!
    A cousins trip - they had so much fun!!! Glad they got to go :)
    Birthdays - Hope they were Happy Happy Happy ones! <3

  2. PS - with just the mustache Scott reminds me of Norman from Ms. Potter. :D