Tuesday, August 1, 2017


Me - Taffy - Kotten Kandy - Marmalade - Amy - Juice
Apple Pie - Taffy - Kotten Kandy - Marmalade - Nuts - Juice
Soooo... Amy and I had a magnificent brainstorm a few weeks ago.  We wanted to do something really fun, and extravagant to celebrate the end of the summer and the start of school with our kiddos.  Her children have never been to an amusement park and my daughter loves roller coasters.  We saved our pennies and spend Monday playing HARD!  We were exhausted at the end of the day... but it was worth it.  We laughed.  We rode.  We visited.  We danced.  We ran like gazelles.  We burned.  We carried.  We hydrated.  We ate funnel cakes.  We watched fireworks.  We bonded.  We joked.  We rode some more.  Mostly we enjoyed the company!  I love this family we've created!  (We just wish a few more of our adopted family were able to come....)  On a personal note:  I was super hyper and rode every ride (even the scary ones) which is a huge accomplishment for me.  I was going on pure adrenaline.  And I was brave because Marmalade encouraged me and set the example for bravery!  Of course, every time we were scared to ride something, it helped to "blame Taffy!"  He was a good sport and let us blame him....
Love the photo bomb in the back ground!
Is this not the cutest picture of two of my favorite adopted kids?
Sixlet Power - The six who stuck the park out until the bitter end.
Riding roller coasters is fun to do!
Me and my girl!
Taffy wasn't sure he was confident of Kotten Kandy driving....
Amy laughed so hard on this ride!  It's one of her favorites!
I asked my "big" kids for a picture with Snoopy!
They are great sports!
Love these two!
Key Lime Pie is still celebrating her summer.  It doesn't end until September.  My sister spoiled her and her cousin by taking them to the rodeo.  They had a blast!  And it was a terrific experience!  Thanks, GJ, for loving my daughter!  Rodeos are fun!
My girl is so fun!  And beautiful!  And happy!
Billy, Shanae, my girl, and Ken
Two of my best friends:  My daughter and my sister!


  1. Rodeoing is fun :) So is Amusement Parking!!!
    Fun by all - Love you guys!

  2. All play and no work makes... No that's all work and no play makes... Back to the books and the office all!! Mom/Mil