Wednesday, July 26, 2017


Shortbread/Shanae turned 19 last week!  To celebrate GJ, Ken, Shanae, Billy and Kiara went hiking to Hanging Lake.  It is a difficult hike!  But it is wonderful!  And worth the effort!  My sisters took beautiful pictures of my sweet, eldest daughter!  It is great to see her smile!  I sure miss this girl...
Billy, Shanae, Ken and Kiara
Cousins and Friends!
This is one of Heavenly Father's gifts!  Soooooo beautiful!
This smile melts my heart!
Feeding the wildlife.
Kiara and I LOVED these purple flowers!
Isn't she gorgeous?!
We also had a sad moment last week when Kevington passed away.  Kevington was our leopard gecko.  He was a good friend to both of my daughters.  Kotten Kandy buried him next to our dog, Kamelot.
We will miss you, Kevington!
Taffy and Kotten Kandy celebrated their first date exactly one year ago by recreating it at Laser Tag with Taffy's parents last Friday.  Kotten Kandy reported that "It was loads of fun!  And Taffy is beyond sweet!"  They are truly best friends!  😉 (Thank you, Maeva, for taking a few pictures for this mom's blog!)
These two know how to have fun.
Silly, wonderful kids!
My baby and Taffy
Scott had surgery yesterday.  In complete honesty, he needed the surgery 3 months ago.  He's been in a lot of pain.  But he's brave and doesn't complain too much.  All went well with the surgery.  He's home.  He's still hurting... but on the road to recovery!  I'm so grateful for this amazing man in my life.  And surgery makes me reflect on how blessed I am that we get to travel this mortal life together and I'm looking forward to eternity with my best friend!
Before surgery....  (6 AM)
Pre-Op and still smiling.
Service....  Kotten Kandy helping her father eat his first meal.
Cute - even with a "cone of shame!"
I love Blue Tongue Disease!  Blue Tongue Disease brings me joy!  I haven't suffered from this particular "illness" in a looooong time, but this cute girl convinced me to have Blue Tongue Disease WITH her!  I love you, Apple Muffin!

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  1. You're right - the good, the not so good and the bad - but also the great! GREAT that Scott finally will be getting relief! The good that blue tongues are temporary. The bad with the lizard, K... But think of it this way - no more crickets in your house?!!!! Birthday parties and anniversaries of first dates definitely go in the great column too. Love Mom/Mil