Monday, July 10, 2017


Taffy is 18 today!  Since I wasn't blessed with a son... I'm glad my dear friend shares hers!  This boy is pretty amazing!  (I'd like to think that if Scott and I were blessed with a son, he would be just like Taffy!)  Taffy is amazing!  He's talented.  He's funny!  He's kind!  He's smart!  He works hard!  He is self-motivated to learn!  He loves the gospel!  He's fun to be around!  I could go on and on!  Happy Birthday, Taffy!  Thanks for letting us celebrate a bit with you!  I'm looking forward to watching this young man grow up!
Scott made a cake based on a card game!
We all sang Happy Birthday!
And Taffy promises to finally watch the best movie of all times!
Kotten Kandy was super excited to give Taffy her present.
She spent hours creating and making this quilt!
The symbol is Bridge 4 from The Way of Kings.
I think he liked it!
I'm jealous!  I want a quilt!
And the evening ended with music....
We sure do love you, Taffy!  Here's to many more birthdays....  
And to growing and becoming the amazing man we all know you'll become!
Maple is a unicorn!
Kotten Kandy and Maple also enjoy making music together!
Kiara had a fun evening too!  She went to a baseball game with her YSA group!
With her RS president....
This cute girl is definitely one of my faves!

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  1. Thanks for sharing the pics! We appreciate getting to know a bit about our kids' and grandkids' lives... We are missing having Kiara around this week and next. But it's definitely good to see Chance in between his social excursions. :) Mom/Mil