Wednesday, July 5, 2017


We really had a fun, laid-back celebration of our nation's birth!  (Including the time Scott and Kotten Kandy stole my camera and took the above selfies...  They are so funny!)
Of course we BBQed hamburgers, complete with corn on the cob, potato salad, baked beans, watermelon, etc. etc. etc.  YUM!
Marmalade, Apple Pie, Nuts
Mark and Amy, Jelly Bean
Scott and Kotten Kandy
Then we played games, shot guns and painted toenails....
Shooting a 22....  I did all right.
Kotten Kandy did better.
Dueling - Juice and Kotten Kandy
More sword play between Juice and Taffy
Nuts, Apple Muffin and Marmalade
The fireworks were awesome!  Thanks, Mark and Ben!
Watching the firework display!
Watching the night sky for the wonderful explosions!
Jelly Bean loving time with his Kotten Kandy!
Maple and Raisin
Nuts using the Avada Kadavra curse....
Lighting sparklers with Jelly Bean
Ben, Mark and Kotten Kandy do a traditional firework dance around the explosions!
Maeva and Ben tease these two crazy kids!
Kiara had a great day too... despite being so far away from us!  We sure missed her!  And we love her!  But we're grateful she still loves her holidays and traditions!  She and her friends died their hair: red, white and blue - for the occasion!  And they BBQed ribs!
Billy, Shanae and Kiara
Red and Blue dye - not permanent
She's so cute!
BBQ with GJ, Ken, Grandpa and Mil
Cute, new, flag shirt for the 4th!
Yup, we love this patriotic holiday!


  1. Love your outfits!
    Love your daughters!
    Love your KY family!

  2. And the 4th got done! Onward and forward we march... Mom/Mil