Tuesday, July 4, 2017


Happy Fourth of July!  We LOVE Independence Day! 
I'll post more about our celebrations tomorrow....
Today I want to give you a few "snapshots" into our every day life this past week....
Kotten Kandy and Karmel decided they needed to "try out" the new carpet...
Scott loves it too!  We all do!
Joel was working on reading with his mom.  He came to a part that he felt was to difficult, so he put these pipe cleaners on his head and said, "This is the time out crown of not learning letters!"
Amy and I decided we need time out crowns too!  Amy wants one for not doing laundry.  I asked Joel for a yellow "time out crown for not cooking dinner..."  This is what he made me:
I love my crown!
This girl loves to sleep.  Which one you ask?  BOTH!
We decided to spontaneously kidnap Amy and her two youngest kids to go to Red Robin...
- Funny Faces -
Raisin and Kotten Kandy coloring
Me and "my boy" being goofy
And we got to skype Lollipop today!  We sure do miss our German daughter!
We love that girl!  She's doing well!  And promises another German update in a week!


  1. Ya'll look too cute for the 4th. Love new carpets and naps myself :) Oh and Red Robbin ;)

  2. Kotten Kandy, where did you find your pants?! You're braver than most, and definitely your own person. I like that. :)
    Make my "time out crown" a rainbow of colors. The older I get, the harder it is to choose a favorite. I like them all!
    "Hello" to Lollipop. We miss her too. Mom/Mil