Thursday, June 29, 2017


Key Lime Pie
Kotten Kandy
We had another gospel discussion/Sunday dinner with some of our favorite people!  And during the evening, Key Lime Pie face-timed.  Everyone wanted to talk to her and this happened:
Scott, Kotten Kandy, Marmalade, Jelly Bean and Raisin
LOVED talking to Kiara Lea!
Jelly Bean LOVED Kotten Kandy's birthday box!
I love it when my daughters are happy.  And Kiara is never more happy than when she's participating in fun activities with good friends!  She enjoyed ice-skating and eating Taco Bell with her friends last night.
The ice-skating gang!
Billy was channeling Shanae in this pic...
It made Kiara laugh!
We got new carpet!  So glad to be rid of some of the blue stuff....  I LOVE it!  Of course, in order to get new carpet, we had to create a mess - we have way too much stuff!  But I love the final product!  Now I gotta move everything back.  Anyone wanna help?!
What you can't see is how big the stacks are behind all the furniture, etc.
Another view... but still does not do our hot mess justice.
It starts....
And continues....
Woo Hoo!!!  I'm so excited!
I love it!
GJ sent me a bunch of memories this week.  It was a wonderful, nostalgic trip down memory lane.  I miss my BABY girls!  They have turned into lovely young women... but I miss my babies.  Aren't they adorable?!
Shanae's baptism.
Shanae, Kiara and Kotten Kandy
Key Lime Pie, KitKat (an AWESOME childhood friend) and Kotten Kandy
This picture of Kiara and Shanae is one of my all time favorites!
And Kotten Kandy and Shaved Ice are also adorable!
I'm so glad the Honda cousins and my girls are such great friends!
Scott loves introducing his daughters to the joys of s'mores.
Kiara Lea
Kotten Kandy
I love these two angels of mine!


  1. Of course, I had inside information - but I do get to be the first to respond! :)
    The pictures of days past swell my heart too. Darlings!
    And the carpet!!! I can just feel your heart skip a beat when you look around you at CLEAN, NEW and BEAUTIFUL!!! Mom

  2. When they are young you are told it will go fast. But day by day it feels as though it will never end. Now they are all growing up, and all those who told me it would go fast, I ask you, where have the days gone? Love our babies!!!
    Love the carpet too :) Bet you could sit in that room for a while and just smile.

  3. Carpet looks great! I love your girls! Miss you my friend.