Friday, June 9, 2017


Yes, I'm aware I don't actually have a son in scout camp... but I have a friend who shares her son with me...  And I claim him!  I love him like my own.  I pretend he's mine.  And this week has been super fun for me - because they even sent me pictures so I could keep up with "my son's" adventures at scout camp!  Taffy looked like he had a blast!  We missed him!  And can't wait to see him again!  Check it out:
Early morning scripture study - Taffy is the one in the green uniform.
Taffy made stuffed peppers in the dutch oven.
Yup, he's super talented!
He must "take after me!"  JK
I love that Taffy is always happy!
Service with smiles!
Shooting with his buddy (and "my other boy") Asparagus...
Taffy with his dad and his last name's namesake?!
Then... on Wednesday we said goodbye to Fig Newton.  She went home to Bangkok.  We'll miss her.
Foreign Sisters!
And we celebrated Scott turning 44 with Wonder Woman, a temple trip and Qdoba.  It was a fun day!
Scott said we were his wonder women!
(And the only one missing was Kiara!)
We love the temple!
And Qdoba is our fave too!
And Kotten Kandy started her new job at CPS with her father this week.  She's a super hard worker!
She worked from 6 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. two days in a row!
I'm exhausted for her!
And Kotten Kandy spent some quality time with Marmalade this week....  Of course I spoiled them with DQ blizzards!
I love these two girls of mine!
And look how gorgeous Kentucky is!  I took these pictures on our walk at Beckley Park this week:


  1. Can't wait to meet Taffy! Love the bee picture and we'll miss Fig Newton. Happy Birthday Bro - Yous 'da best!!!

  2. The first news since coming home from Idaho! Looks like all are well, happy, and doing good things. Hugs to all. Mom