Saturday, June 17, 2017


We celebrated June birthdays this week: Kotten Kandy, Scott, Mark and Amy!  I even made two cakes: Better Than S_X Cake and Mississippi Mud Cake.  YUM!  And we exchanged gifts!  I love all four of these awesome people!
Kiara got to go to the temple last week too:
And while Taffy was at Scout camp, so were these two awesome boys of mine:
Almond Joy
We love our Sister missionaries!  They are some of the best!  We took them to Claudia Sanders for dinner... and then to take a picture of the statue outside of the hospital... (Yes, it's Colonel Sanders!)
And then yesterday, Key Lime Pie got to spend the day with her grandparents and cousins.  She took a few selfies, but said the others didn't want to be in the pictures.  They went to John Denver's memorial and also to Glenwood Springs.  She had a fun day!
Yes... she got sunburned.
This is how I spent a couple of days at my husband's work... waiting for Kotten Kandy to take her to her other job.  These chairs are not comfortable....

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  1. Wow, the June birthdays! Happy Days to All!
    The Glenwood/Aspen trip was really fun - so glad Kiara went with us. :)
    Maybe you need to buy a cot for totin' around? Mom