Wednesday, June 28, 2017


Kotten Kandy is 17!  And she's becoming such an amazing young woman!  She is beautiful - inside and out!  I'm blessed to be her mother!  We celebrated by watching the 4th season of Sherlock and eating a sloth cake courtesy of Scott!  It was a quiet day... which is just what Kotten Kandy likes (being a true introvert).
Embarrassed when we sang "Happy Birthday"
Opening her present....
She wanted new bedding
Taffy and Maple helped her celebrate 17
Scott made two cakes!  One for his beautiful daughter and the other for Paige, one of our favorite people who works with Scott....  He's so talented!
Hard at work
The Sloth Cake
Having a conversation with his creation
- reminiscent of Frankenstein?!
A Cruise Ship for Paige's Birthday
And I got to go to a swim meet last night.  It was fun to cheer on two of my beautiful girls!  Maple even took first place in her freestyle race.  And Apple Muffin was adorable in her excitement.  I'm glad I made the trip.
Apple Muffin
Way to go!
She's so talented!
And a broken chair....
OH!  And look how beautiful my eldest daughter is!  I might be a bit prejudice!  But I think Scott and I make beautiful daughters - with a lot of help from Heavenly Father!
Key Lime Pie
I read another book!  And it was a fun one!  I used to read a LOT of Agatha Christie when I was a kid.  I had read all of the Perot mysteries.  But I hadn't read And Then There Were None.  I have now.  And I liked it a LOT!  This is a great who-done-it.  And I love how "poetic" Agatha Christie is in her writing.  Apparently Agatha Christie challenged herself to write a book where ten seemingly random people on a remote island location get killed off one by one and still provide a satisfactory conclusion.  She met that challenge.  And it was fun to read.  If you like mysteries - read this one!


  1. Katia Rae - HAPPY BIRTHDAY sweet niece!
    Scotty - talk about talent!
    Kiara Lea - Beautiful inside and out!

  2. "Ditto" to what Gee said. But don't forget whose birthday it will be the last of August! Mom/Mil