Sunday, June 4, 2017


I am so proud of my eldest daughter and her hard work this year in Pathway.  She has grown a lot: spiritually, educationally, and emotionally!  And this week she found out that she gets to attend BYU-I this fall.  I already miss her - being so far away - but I'm super excited for her new adventure!  She'll rock this opportunity!  She is talented and amazing!  And I know she'll thrive in her new venture....  Here's my dad's announcement on FB:
More proof that this girl rocks?!  She ran another 5K this weekend with her cousin, friend and uncle.  This was Mike the Headless Chicken's race!  Check out the pics:
Shanae and Kiara
Key Lime Pie, Shortbread, Billy and Uncle Ken
The shirt....
She did it!
Another one of my girls turned 14 this year!  I claim Maple as my own... because she's awesome!  And I truly love her!  Happy Birthday, beautiful, Maple!
14 Years Old....
I love these two beautiful girls!
I'm glad their friends!
She loved her new bag/back pack.
Kotten Kandy picked it out just for Maple 
And Fig Newton pitched in!
There has always gotta be a gag gift - an emoji bank....
And Scott and I wanted to foster her art!
I love these girls!  I call them all my own!


  1. Sundy's girls are definitely well and happy and cared about! I'm sure they know where they stand in her life. I just want her to know that I appreciate her super strong efforts to make everyone feel loved. Mom

  2. We did have a fun weekend with the race and all! Happy Birthday to Maple! ;)