Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Being happy isn't a given in this life. It's a journey. And it is something that needs to be learned. So today, we discussed happiness in 'school'. We used Michael McLean's M2B:-) (Mission to be Happy) CD and handbook. Using music to help teach this subject to my daughters really is a good "fit" for our family!

The music really rocks, and brought smiles to all our faces. (Which is what it is designed to do.) It also taught us some great truths!

Michael McLean has struggled with clinical depression and diabetes for a long time. I could definitely relate. Depression has plagued me for many years also. I especially appreciated how he addressed getting help from doctors, therapists and counselors. It "opened up a discussion" with my daughters about how chemical imbalances run in our family, and that depression can be helped with therapy and pills. McLean's song, Pills, explains how he is dependent on pills, insulin and doctors, but he is mostly dependent on Heavenly Father. That is exactly how I feel and have felt.

Michael also reminds us that we don't know how long depression or sadness will last. He admonishes us to look for unexpected joys all around us. He sings about how he found an "unexpected joy" when he was listening to the Beatles and began singing "oooooh" With Paul and John.

Other suggestions at finding happiness include having faith in our Savior and finding YOUR own happiness (not someone else's). He also recommends finding good friends (including family) and letting go of negative friends and influences.

Michael McLean's book is a great handbook. And we loved the music. My daughters both want their own copies of the CD so they can listen to it in their own bedrooms.... I think this was school time well spent!


  1. Hey,
    "Sundy" School sounds sooo 'songful' and 'sunny'! Lucky Key Lime Pie and Cotton Candy!!! I'm sure they have a nearly perfect learning environment. Am I right?
    Grandma Mil/Mom

  2. I got to see/hear him at Time Out for Women last April in Seattle!