Monday, October 3, 2011


How come after the final session of Conference on Sunday afternoon, you feel as though you are saying goodbye to a dear friend for six months? I almost feel sad that we can't listen to all the general authorities again. Of course, there is always the Internet where we can listen to them again and again. :-)

This year was my favorite! (Of course, I declare that after every conference session I have ever watched in my 39 years of life!) Both of my daughters "feasted" upon the words of our leaders. (Which Scott and I were so excited about.) They took notes and were extremely attentive. And last night, during our weekly family council, both girls had a hard time choosing just ONE talk as their "favorite" to share with the family.

Here was the break down:

My favorite talk was the first talk of the entire conference, Elder Ricard G. Scott's talk, on the scriptures. It made me want to read my scriptures day and night without pause! :-) I especially liked how he compared the scriptures to good friends. I know that I have felt that way as I've memorized different scripture, etc. And I'm excited to share that love with my daughters this year as we home school.

Both of my girls LOVED President Monson's talk. They loved his stories about the $5 bill in the laundry and his spiritual prompting for the temple dedication speaker. They both commented that not only was the prophet amazing and spiritual, he made them smile with his quirky facial expressions and fabulous story telling. But both girls decided to choose their second favorite speakers to share at family council because they thought EVERYONE would choose the prophet.

Key Lime Pie finally decided on Elder David A. Bednar's talk. (I think she chose him because his son baptized her at the temple baptisms on Thursday! :-) She has decided that because of Elder Bednar she wants to do family history work. She took down the web page address and has decided to learn. (Incidentally, she asked me to help her and explained that I had NO idea how to do it... and that she would have to teach me!)

Kotten Kandy finally decided to discuss Brother Yamashita's talk. She loved the three things he said you should take on a mission: 1. A desire to preach the gospel. 2. A testimony. and 3. Love of others.

Scott was excited about the Priesthood Session of conference. He loved Elder Holland's talk. He said that Holland began by how Satan is eternally opposed to the love of God and the atonement of Christ and the declaration of peace. Satan knows he will loose in the end, but he wants to take as many with him as he can. (Can you say: Misery loves company?!) Elder Holland admonished the men to: "stay in the game" and to "get active and get clean."

We LOVED conference! We are looking forward to April now!


  1. I liked Priesthood session best. And I guess I'd choose President Eyering's talk because he pointed out that after a life time of preparation it takes even more self-discipline and determination to serve as we age. Boy is he right, but he gave me renewed commitment. I am also aware of how poorly I am prepared compared to life-long members, and how poorly I prepared others. But my children are doing so much better than I did. That's how the Gospel works, isn't it?

  2. We LOVE conference, too! And how cool about Elder Bednar's son! Does he live near you guys?