Friday, October 28, 2011


I love Halloween! Yes, I know, Halloween is pagan in its origins. I know that candy is bad for you... and expensive. I also know that the insides of pumpkins are slimy and disgusting.

I know all these things - but I like Halloween anyway. Halloween is fun. I like playing dress-up with my kiddos, and cute husband! I like having photos of our costume adventures from year to year! I like chocolate, a lot! I like admiring the little children's costumes as they eagerly ask "trick or treat?!" I like ward Halloween parties (especially when karaoke is involved and Scott and I D.J.!) I like seeing adults dress-up and not being spoil sports! (Yeah, to my good friends Amy B. and Trina F.!) I like watching kids sort their candy on the floor and "trading" like the New York stock exchange! And I like laughing at the creativity of some people!

Our Ward Halloween Party was tonight! I scared a few children with my witch costume... but when I sang "Scripture Power" and the kids realized I was the "Singing Lady" they weren't frightened anymore! It was super fun singing "My Guy" karaoke style with my daughters! And watching Carey S. and Scott sing "Summer Nights" together cracked me up!

My hope is that everyone can enjoy Halloween as much as I do....

My camera isn't working just this moment... so I don't have a family photo to post... but here are some pics that a friend of mine took of the evening:

Beautiful "witchy" girls! But I am a bit biased....

Trina and I doing the "Time Warp!"

A better view of my costume!

Trina ROCKS!

Carey and Scott singing "Summer Nights." HILARIOUS!

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  1. Wow! What ugly witches. Sunny, I hardly new yee! (Those other two witches are about to drive the boys insane.) (But then I guess the green faced one probably drive Scott insane.)