Sunday, October 9, 2011


Key Lime Pie's 13th Shopping Birthday Party was Saturday. We had such a fun time! Each kid got a $2 bill and was told to purchase whatever they liked at either Walmart or Target. There were prizes for their shopping investments: The Swindled Award, The Most Disgusting Award, The Most Unusual Award and The Best Value Award. There were some creative purchases, including a rotten sweet potatoe, a pocket knife, fake blood, and fishing bait. The kids enjoyed shopping and afterwards were also given money to purchase dinner at Krogers.

It was a fun afternoon. And Key Lime Pie was truly spoiled rotten.

To go along with the shopping theme, Scott made a dollar bill cake, complete with the birthday girl's picture on the front! :-)

Note: Our daughter's only get birthday parties with all their friends every 4 years. (It's supposed to be ages 4, 8, 12, and 16... but Key Lime Pie didn't get one at 12 so she celebrated this year!) I think the entire party was a huge success... and she felt very loved!

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