Monday, December 12, 2011


In 1741, George Frideric Handel thought he would retire from composing music. His career was in the toilet, when he received a libretto (lyrics) based on the life of Christ and taken entirely from the bible. Handel moved to Dublin and began to compose his most inspirational and infamous work of art: Messiah. The composition was completed in only 24 days.

When one of the listeners at the performance congratulated Handel on the "excellent entertainment." Handel replied, "My lord, I should be sorry that I only entertained them. I wish to make them better." And that is what this oratorio does. It brings people to Christ.

We were blessed to attend a performance of Messiah last night in Tennessee. (We went with my friend, Amy, and her family.) It was amazing! All of us left edified and grateful for the opportunity to attend this magnificent event. It was inspirational and spiritually edifying.

We sat in the front row next to the world-renown trumpeter, Alan Cox. He was awesome! I also had a couple of full-scores that my daughters, husband and I were able to follow along with. We used this experience for educational purposes as well. Both girls are writing up their experiences. - I'll share those later! :-)The concert was next door to the Nashville, TN temple. So after the spectacular performance (and yummy refreshments), we took a family photo at the temple.... It is as beautiful as all of the other LDS temples. We love visiting them!Our fun evening was not over, despite how late it was. The 12 of us who attended the concert together then drove to Oprey Land to look at the lights. WOW! It was also amazing! But my favorite was a HUGE nativity display. It was bigger than the display at Temple Square. The pieces were larger than life and there were over 40 pieces. (My pictures don't do it justice.) This field trip was amazing! I want to take everyone I know to do it again next year!

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