Sunday, June 2, 2013


We are trying something new this year.  (And by we, I mean, Scott and the girls.)  We are bucket gardening.  What is that?  It is where CPS (Scott's employer) has some buckets they can't sell so we bring home a few and drill holes in the bottom of them for drainage.  Then we fill with rocks and soil, add seeds, and "walah!" a garden!  It's kinda fun!  And I can't wait to eat home-grown tomatoes and cucumbers.  I'm excited for the cilantro and chives too.
Book Bingo is in full swing at our house!  This summer the girls have a Bingo card with nine books included. If they read three books, they get to have lunch (at Taco Bell) with me.  If they read three more books, they get to have lunch (again, at Taco Bell) with Scott.  The final three will earn them a new book of their choice! I'm excited about it.  I even made myself a Book Bingo chart.  We love reading!!!!!
We watched Hamlet Thursday.  One of the books on the girl's Book Bingo chart is Shakespeare's Hamlet.  I decided that it would be worth it to watch the movie and become familiar with the story line and language before reading it.  So we watched the Mel Gibson version.  I am saving the Kenneth Branagh version for after we have read the book.  The girls enjoyed the movie and decided that revenge is NOT a good thing.  Their favorite quote was when Polonius asks Hamlet what he is reading.  Hamlet answers, "Words, words, words!"
We had a yard sale on Saturday.  It was a beautiful morning.  (It only rained for about 10 minutes at 7:00 a.m.  After that the overcast sky made for a somewhat cool morning.  We were able to get rid of a lot of stuff.  (And left over clothing was donated to charity.)  Yeah!  And we made enough money to pay a couple of bills and go to the movies.  (see #5)
After our yard sale, we decided to "celebrate" by going to see Star Trek: Into Darkness.  I'm happy to say that the entire DeGooyer clan enjoyed it!  The visuals were fun.  The acting was great.  (Our favorites are: Spock and Doctor McCoy.)  And there was plenty of humor.  Spock and Captain Kirk are perfect together.  Even the story was entertaining, despite borrowing and tweaking a few parts from "Wrath of Kahn."  Yes, my family and I are trekies.  But I think a lot of people would enjoy this show even if they weren't Star Trek fans.
We spent Memorial Day picnicking (on Subway sandwiches) at my good friend's house.  They were out of town ,but they have a lovely yard they shared with us!  It was such a beautiful day!  And we enjoyed the company, the birds and the conversation.
Today was a special day for my eldest.  Key Lime Pie finally received her Honor Bee award.  (She earned it over 9 months ago.)  In order to earn the Honor Bee she had to complete the Personal Progress award and re-read the entire Book of Mormon and perform 40 hours worth of service.  (She is currently working on her second Personal Progress award.)  She also was awarded a Seminary Honor award for reading the entire New Testament.  She is the only one in our ward who did that!  I am super proud of her!  She had to stand in front of the entire congregation and that is kinda embarrassing for her... but she looked beautiful and I'm one proud mama!


  1. Wow - Kiara! I'm beyond impressed!!! That is huge and I am so proud to be your aunt ;-)

  2. Wow, where to start?!
    Bucket gardening - I want to hear about this one. Hope it goes just like your hoping!
    Book Bingo is in full swing, right? I haven't read or seen Hamlet, but agree that revenge is never the answer...
    Paying bills is way good. Star Trek? Wouldn't know!
    Kiara, the awards you have gotten are more than impressive. Most people don't even know what the extra mile is. But you need to know you've gone an extra ten!!!
    Katia, is it about eye doctor time? :)
    All your pictures were fun!
    Love, Mil