Saturday, June 29, 2013


As I was grocery shopping this week, I stopped to try what I thought was a patriotic Popsicle.  I was so surprised when I tasted the Bomb Pop and it was just like the Slush Pops my Grandma T used to buy for me when I was a kid.  The texture is slushier than a regular Popsicle.  The lady who was sampling the treat suddenly had an excited 40 year old woman who was almost weeping from nostalgia on her hands.  I began to regale her with stories about my fabulous grandmother and how I had to buy a box of these treats so I could share them with my husband and daughters.  I'm sure she was glad of the sale... but a little leery of the crazy woman who couldn't stop gushing over the product.  Yeah.  I'm weird.  (Yes, my daughters loved the "slush pops" as much as I did!)
On Wednesday we had a flash flood and severe storm warning for about an hour....  It was frightening.  We were in Louisville and the sky turned almost black quicker than I could snap my fingers.  Kotten Kandy knew I was scared to drive home in the storm so she suggested we say a prayer before leaving for the 30 minute drive home.  I'm glad we did.  I hydroplaned at least 4 times (and I was driving extremely slow).  Visibility was also close to nonexistent.  Once we were home, safe, inside our little house, I was able to appreciate the lightening and the sound of the pouring rain.  Storms can be beautiful.  Just not so pretty when you are driving in them.

One of the "strange" things about this storm caused me to be a bit upset.  My phone gave me three storm warnings.  Storm warnings, in and of themselves, are NOT something to be upset about except that I never signed up for warnings or anything like that.  It scares me a bit that someone somewhere is able to control my cellphone like that.  I guess I shouldn't be surprised when the NSA is reportedly recording all of our conversations etc.  It kinda upsets me....
The storm caused my friends television to blow out.   So the following day we were not able to work out using the Wii Fitness Trainer like we have been using for over two years.  So....  we decided to do some strength training.  We often lift weights in our workouts and figured we could guide our own workout.  We did.  I hurt.  My muscles are  BURNING!  It has been three days since we lifted the weights and I am still having trouble sitting and standing due to the muscles in my legs hurting.
A few months ago my brother, Ben, and his wife taught me a fun new game called Citadels.  I loved the game and so my daughters and I decided to buy it for Scott for Father's Day.  We've already played it quite a bit as a family.  And now, this week, we have introduced this fun game to our good friends the Bettenhausens, the Schmids, Chris and Hammond.  All of them enjoyed the game also!  The funniest card is the Magician.  We joke that we have to make the face on the card when we use the Magician's powers.  Thanks, Ben, for always finding good games to share with us!
I've written before how much my family has enjoyed the television show, The Mentalist.  I had bought season 1 and we really wanted to finish watching the rest of the episodes but we didn't have money to buy the rest of the seasons.  (We also don't have Netflix, etc.)  Enter:  Ryan.  Ryan works with my husband.  And he's a great guy!  He also is a Mentalist fan and owns all the seasons on DVD.  He lent them to us.  When we finished them we knew we had to thank him BIG.  How better to thank a fellow Mentalist fan than with a Red John cake?!  I know the idea is a bit psychotic.  Our family is OK with that.  And we were pretty proud of the finished product.  When Scott delivered our thank you gift, he reported that Ryan laughed.  I guess I should thank him publicly too... so...   Thank you, Ryan, for feeding our psychotic need to watch serial killers come to justice through a crazy, ex-psychic, self-absorbed, consultant for the California Bureau of Investigation.
Kotten Kandy turned 13 years old this week.  My baby is a teenager!  We had a quiet, yet fun birthday celebration.  She chose to eat her Birthday dinner at the newly opened Panda Express.  (We have really missed Panda Express here in Kentucky but we finally got one that opened this week....  We are sure it was in honor of our beautiful daughter!)
Scott made a great owl cake!  And Key Lime Pie spoiled her sister by getting her The Hunger Game series in hard back.  She was also spoiled by a few great friends including the Bettenhausens and Muffin.  She got some owl jewelry and a few other owl objects.  (Yes, owls are her favorite animal, along with elephants.)
When your baby girl turns 13, it is definitely a time of reflection.  She is an AMAZING girl!  Kotten Kandy loves the gospel and to study church subjects.  She can't wait to serve a mission 6 years.  She is almost done with earning her Personal Progress.  She should be finished by the end of the summer.  Kotten Kandy also loves learning.  She has really taken charge of her own education and is constantly seeking knowledge from great mentors and excellent books.  It is fun to watch her grow and mature.  She is also one of the hardest working people I know.  (She inherited that trait from her father.)  Rarely does she complain when I ask her to do a chore.  And often she goes above and beyond her required work.  I am so blessed to be her mother!
For some reason, this week has been an emotional one for me.  Scott mentioned that my babies (who we have established really aren't babies anymore, but actually teenagers) are probably going to be moving out and growing up with in the next 4-6 years.  (Key Lime Pie wants to graduate a year early (2 years from now) and go to BYU.  Kotten Kandy also wants to go to college... but she's not sure if she wants to work first to fund her mission first.)  When Scott put the time limit on it I felt like I had been hit in the stomach!  I actually cried for a few hours.  I LOVE spending time with my daughters.  I LOVE having them home with me.  I LOVE learning with them and growing with them.  I'm not ready to let them go.  Yes, I know that I have a little time left... but the key word is LITTLE.  They are dynamite girls.  Heavenly Father must really love my husband and I to lend us such beautiful young women to raise.

P.S. Next week my Sundy's Seven Sabbath Sentiments will not be posted until Monday... due to a family camping trip!  :-)


  1. You do have fabulous girls! :) Probably do to the fact they have such a fabulous aunt... Don't you think? :) LOL! LOL! LOL!

  2. Bomb Pops/Slush pops - I'll have to remember to pick some up and see if I can recreate the past too...
    The storm - you're right. Scary all around...
    The weights wouldn't have bothered me - I have no muscles to be sore...
    Hey, I can do the 'magician' too!
    I didn't see The Mentalist on Netflix...
    Happy Day, Katia (again)... I'm also impressed by how hard you work, and agree that you are one in a million!!!
    Love, Mil (and this week, I'll press send)